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Doganay Mould has been serving in the field of thermoforming moulds in disposable plastic food packaging sector for many years. With its factory located in Istanbul, Doganay Mould designs the most efficient mould with its design team consisting of Engineers. It aims to provide the fastest and best service to its customers with its wide machinery and expert team. Doganay Mould has high experience and knowledge in the field of IMC, 3-station and 4-station moulds and is able to make moulds compatible with all thermoforming machines throughout the world. Doganay Mould, which was active only in the domestic market in its early years, has become an international company exporting to more than 20 countries. Doganay Mould aims is to become a global brand that works in every country in the world. Therefore, Doganay Mould continuously expands its machinery and team. In order to take the company further, the Doganay Mould team always asks themselves:

What can we do for our customers so they can produce more efficiently?

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